Al Fresco Fabrics Teams up with Wesley Mancini

Wesley Mancini, has teamed up with industry leading outdoor fabric trendsetter, Al Fresco Functional Fabrics.  Debuting at the December Showtime, The Wesley Mancini Outdoor Fabric Collection will change the landscape of outdoor fabric design.

“I’m excited about working with great people and delving into a new market (for me).  The outdoor market is prime to be tapped into with more variety of patterns and constructions.  My association with Al Fresco Fabrics is a wonderful opportunity to expand my brand as well,” Mancini expressed.

The collection will feature over 35 new designs, incorporating a wide array of new colors, novelty yarns, and constructions.  Made in the USA, all fabrics are bleach-cleanable, anti-microbial, and UV resistant, with a durable quality that you can expect for any lifestyle.  Al Fresco Functional Fabrics are designed to add an element of culture and conversation to your home, or anywhere you live comfortably.

“We are very fortunate for the opportunity to work with such a talented designer as Wes, he has truly created an exceptional collection of fabrics that will offer something unique for every part of the marketplace. He is moving the design, color, feel, and quality of our fabrics to a place that has never been offered in the world of functional fabrics, and we are looking forward to what our partnership has to offer for years to come,” stated Al Fresco Functional Fabrics President, Todd Nifong.