Duramax Specifications

Content: 100% Polyolefin

Width: 54"

Backing: Acrylic

Weight: 16 oz. ± 0.5 oz. per linear yard

Abrasion: 250,000 double rubs

Lightfastness: Class 5

• 700 hours of UV stability

• chemically inert and hydrophobic

• will not absorb spills or stains

• mildew resistant

• non-allergenic

• not affected by chemicals

• static resistant (less than 2.0 kv at 20% RH)


California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E (CS 191-53 Passes) - Did not ignite

UFAC - Class 1

NFPA 260 Cigarette Ignition (Passes) - Did not ignite


All commercial cleaning agents and solvents can be used.

"WS" For water-based stains use water-based cleaning agents.

For oil based stains use solvent cleaner.


Limited Lifetime Warranty - For All Indoor Applications

2-Year Limited Warranty - For Transportation and Skybox Applications