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Upholstery and Home décor fabric by the yard.  Our fabrics are suitable for home furnishings, drapery, curtains, window treatments, slipcovers, bedding, cushions, decorative pillows and more.  All our fabrics are sold by the yard and our collections are carefully curated so you can find your fabric by the yard online with minimum hassle and maximum satisfaction.  Our fabric by the yard is curated by color, brand, style, pattern, and texture to make your home décor shopping experience exhilarating but reliable.  Shop our online store for fabric by yard or call us for firsthand information.  We recommend samples for all fabric purchases to ensure your fabric by the yard is exactly what you expect.  We offer premium, name brand, and designer decorator fabric by the yard at discount fabric prices.  

Welcome to the epitome of interior sophistication. Our upholstery fabric collection curates the perfect balance of texture, design, and durability, giving life to furniture and refining every space. Whether you're reimagining a classic piece or setting trends with contemporary flair, we have the perfect fabric for you.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space with our extensive collection of home decor and upholstery fabrics, available for convenient online shopping. At House Fabric, we understand the importance of transforming your home into a haven that reflects your unique style. Explore our curated selection of premium fabrics that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your interior design vision.

Discover an effortless and enjoyable online shopping experience as you browse through our vast assortment of upholstery fabrics. Our user-friendly website makes it simple to filter and search for fabrics based on color, pattern, and texture, allowing you to easily coordinate with existing decor or embark on a complete room makeover. With a commitment to quality, our fabrics boast durability and style, ensuring your home remains a timeless showcase of sophistication. Elevate your interior spaces with the convenience of online fabric shopping at Housefabric.com.

Primary Uses for Discount Upholstery by the Yard

Upholstery weight fabrics have many uses but the primary utilization of upholstery fabric by the yard is for furniture in the home. Housefabric.com sells designer fabric by the yard suitable for any design budget. Housefabric.com has thousands of options for new and refurbished furniture for every room in the house. Our brands include P/Kauffmann and P/K Lifestyles, Covington, Richloom, Sunbrella, Barrow, Crypton, Duralee & Robert Allen, and Kravet plus many others. All of our brands are sold by the yard and by the roll and many are sold at close out pricing.

Event Upholstery Fabric

Furnish your events with our premium upholstery fabrics, designed to add a touch of elegance and luxury to any occasion.

At Housefabric.com, we offer a diverse range of fabrics that are not only visually stunning but also durable and versatile, making them the perfect choice for event planners and organizers. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or a stylish soiree, our upholstery fabrics provide a sophisticated backdrop that sets the tone for a memorable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Transform event spaces effortlessly by choosing from our curated selection of upholstery fabrics, available for seamless online ordering. Our fabrics are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they not only enhance the visual appeal of your venue but also withstand the wear and tear of event use. From classic and timeless designs to modern and trendy patterns, Housefabric.com offers a wide range of options to suit every theme and atmosphere. Make your events unforgettable with the refined touch of our upholstery fabrics, blending style and functionality for a truly exceptional occasion.

Suitable uses for Home Décor fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and multi-purpose fabrics:

Furniture Upholstery
  • Couch Upholstery / Divan Upholstery
  • Sectional Upholstery
  • Love Seats Upholstery and Day Bed Upholstery
  • Recliner Upholstery
  • Chaise Upholstery and Settee Upholstery
  • Dining Room Chair Upholstery and Seat Cushion Upholstery
  • Cushion Upholstery
  • Pillow Upholstery
Window Treatments
  • Curtain Panel Fabrics
  • Drape Panel Fabrics
  • Roman Shade Fabrics>/li>
  • Curtain Linings or Drapery Lining
  • Black Out Fabric
Other Upholstery Fabric by the Yard uses:
  • Bed Top Cover Fabric
  • Bed Top Throw Fabric
  • Headboard and footboard Fabric/li>
  • Table Cover Fabric
  • Table Runner Fabric
  • Event Drapery Fabric
  • Event Section Fabric
  • Wall Covering Fabric
Specialty Room Applications for Fabric by the Yard
  • Nursery Fabrics
  • Crib Lining Fabric or Cradle Fabrics
  • Man Cave Upholstery Fabric
  • Bar Upholstery

Upholstery Fabric by the Yard FAQ's

Q: Where Can I Buy Designer Fabric by the Yard?

A: Housefabric.com sells home décor fabric by the yard. Fabric by the Yard at Housefabric.com is searchable by Fabric by Brand, Fabric by Color, Fabric by Pattern, and by application. Housefabric.com makes designer fabric choices fun and collaborative with unique fabric categories that make finding your fabric an enjoyable endeavor.

Q: What is usable width?

A: When buying interior or exterior fabric by the yard is important to understand your requirements. Upholsterers and work rooms have their own working methods that consume fabric by the yard at different rates. One of those factors is working width or usable width of the upholstery or drapery fabric. This width is defined as the width between the selvedge. Working width does not include the selvedge at each edge that the mill requires to produce the fabric.

Q: When is fabric content important?

A: When considering cut yardage for a fabric project the environment and the application are both considerations as is durability. Performance fabrics are often both highly durable and stain resistant. Their soil and stain resistance is often dependent on content or coatings. Soil and stain resistant fabrics are most robust when their inherent performance fabric properties are inherent to the fiber or the yard.

Fabric content is also important when a certain hand or feel is expected. For example a 100% linen fabric will feel and work differently than a 100% cotton fabric. Both will shrink at different rates when washed and will stretch differently as well. There are many blends of fabrics that produce infinite combinations of performance, feel, and longevity. See our Duraxmax fabric by the yard for high durability commercial applications.

Q: Why did my workroom ask about my fabric by the yard pattern repeat?

A: First it is important to understand that most home décor fabric is approximately 54" wide while automotive and outdoor awning or marine fabrics might be narrower or wider. This is because each application has standards based on working widths that yielded the best utilization of the fabric by the yard. Repeats are described in two dimensions. The vertical repeat is the repeat of the pattern up the roll while the horizontal repeat describes the measurement of the repeat from selvedge to selvedge. The simplest example would be a fabric with a 18" vertical repeat and a 27" horizontal repeat. In one linear yard of fabric there would be four copies of the pattern. Upholstery workrooms need to know the repeat in order to understand the yield from each yard of fabric. Fabricators adjust the repeat to align the pattern on each window panel, pillow, cushion, or Home Décor fabric project.