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Velvet fabrics should be vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned periodically to preserve the beauty and prolong the life of the fabric. Rotating the pillows is recommended.



As with all fine velvets, this fabric is susceptible to shading and marking which enhances the natural beauty of the fabric. Light creases may be removed by light steaming and brushing the area with a soft brush in the direction of the nap.



Spot Washing:

• Remove excess soiling immediately.

• Blot area with dry cloth.

• To remove remaining stain, spray a light mist of soap solution and rub gently in a circular motion with a clean cloth or toothbrush so not to damage the pile. Work from the edges to the center of the stain to avoid a halo effect.

• Pat dry with cloth.

• When dry, use a soft brush, such as a kitchen or vegetable brush, to regain fabric’s smooth feel.


Heavily soiled areas can be spot-treated in the same manner using select non-solvent commercial cleaners, such as Resolve®.


Important Note: Use only water soluble cleaning agents. Never use solutions that contain a petroleum or alcohol base; i.e., K2R, turpentine, Petrolwash, or chlorethylene

Machine Washing:

1. Wash Cycle

• Residential washing machine

• Permanent press cycle, normal setting (6 8 min. wash)

• Warm wash/cold rinse

• Medium water level

• Use mild, non bleach detergent

2. Drying Cycle

• Residential tumble dryer

• Permanent press (medium) cycle