Performance Beck Elephant Chenille

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Warm Grey - Thick and soft velvety chenille high performance decorator fabric from P. Kaufmann Textiles. Durable and stain resistant for active family lifestyle upholstery, slipcovers, window treatments of bedding.
Content; 62%Polyester 38%Cotton Heavy Duty 51,000 double rubs. 55" wide. Finish; Nano Fabric Guard Rating; UFAC, CALIF 117-2013 Cleaning Instructions: Remove cover from cushion. Gently blot with a clean, absorbent cloth. On spills that have penetrated the surface, use a clean absorbent cloth with water allowing it to absorb into the stain, gently lift without spreading or pressing it into the fabic. If stain is not fully removed, repeat the process addinga soap solution of 1/4 tsp of mild, enzyme detergent per 1 cup of warm water. Sponge thoroughly and rinse. For tougher oil based stains, clean immediately, using a water and soap solution described above.
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