Zurek Fog Outdoor Performance Fabric

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Durable heavy casement oxford woven indoor outdoor Revolution Performance fabric. Cool grey and natural for decorator active lifestyle furniture upholstery. Stain resistant, superior durability, water repellent, mildew resistant, no PFC chemicals, and bleach cleanable.

Fabric Contents: 100% Polypropylene
Fabric Orientation: RR
Fabric Width: 54”
Fabric Double Rubs: 30,000

*Cleaning Instructions; 1. Remove any loose debris and blot stain. 2. Blot or spray water and bleach solution on the stain until gone. 3. Thoroughly rinse. 4. Let fabric dry. *ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANER WILL REMOVE TOUGH STAINS. DO NOT MACHINE WASH, DRY CLEAN, USE HARSH BRUSH OR IRON. EXPOSURE TO HIGH TEMPERATURES WILL DAMAGE FABRIC.

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