Red Floral Fabrics

Looking for Scarlet, Poppy & Red colored floral drapery fabric & upholstery fabric. has the latest floral fabric patterns.

Braganza Spice Williamsburg Fabric

Decorator fabric by the yard

Williamsburg fabric by P.K. Lifestyles

Braganza Poppy

Braganza Ink

Braganza Amber

P.K. Lifestyles fabric by the yard

PK Lifestyles fabric by the yard

$35.95  per yard

8355403 Forest Fabric

Arboretum Emerald Kendall Wilkinson


Blue, green, red, multi-color,



bedding, drapery, muti-puropose, upholstery, 

large scale.

$68.00 per yard
$44.95  per yard

Red Floral Fabrics